Summerville Goat Yoga at Flowertown Charm Farm

21 June 2022


July 2


10:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Flowertown Charm


Flowertown Charm Farm w/parking at Stallsville Methodist Church

255 Stallsville Rd BACK PARKING LOT, Summerville, SC 29485

Summerville, SC, US, 29485

Welcome to Summerville Goat Yoga at Flowertown Charm Farm!


Welcome to Summerville Goat Yoga at Flowertown Charm!

We were the first to bring GOAT YOGA here to the Lowcountry since 2018, so you’ve “GOAT” to take a class with us! Goat Yoga is a casual and gentle yoga class, with goats and their friends! Perfect for those new to yoga, pro yogi’s, or those who just want to snuggle with silly goats! So baaaasically everyone!

OH MY GOATNESS! It is as fun as it sounds! Our goats roam around, cuddle, and headbutt each other to play, all while in your yoga poses. Check out our video below to see what a typical class looks like!

We have an urban mini-farm in our backyard under the trees at our historic farmhouse and BnB, which is the ultimate relaxing spot for our class! We have made a fun, stress-relieving, happy class, combining yoga with our goats! We think this combination is perfect for making you smile all while calming your soul. The yoga class will be an hour long, and if you can’t “goat” enough you can stay for goat happy hour after class! During goat happy hour you can hang out, snuggle, and take pictures with the goats. Also, BYOB if you wish! 

PARKING: “Flowertown Charm” is run from our private home/Bed & Breakfast, and we have limited parking here that is designated for staying guests. So we have worked out parking for yoga guests at the neighboring church. If you signed up with a friend please forward this to them so they know where to park.

+YOGA GUESTS please PARK & MEET in the BACK parking lot behind the church office at: Stallsville United Methodist Church 255 Stallsville (Loop) Rd Summerville, SC 29485. LOOK FOR US WITH WINTER, THE BIG WHITE DOG.

Use our hashtag #summervillegoatyoga to see more pictures or follow us on Instagram for daily stories of our mini-farm, @summervillegoatyoga & @flowertowncharm and visit our website for more info,


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Goat Yoga?

Goat Yoga is a gentle class combining the benefits of yoga with the fun-loving connection with goats. Goats are silly creatures that will bring you joy and laughter all while calming your soul and de-stressing your body and mind.


ABSOLUTELY! We have held many private classes here for BACHELORETTE PARTIES, BIRTHDAYS, TEAM BUILDING, and FAMILY REUNIONS! Please email us to inquire. Pricing is $30 pp for groups of 8 or more.  

Where is the class held?

The class is held at “Flowertown Charm Farm” which is our personal home, airbnb, home business, & urban mini-farm in the heart of Summerville, SC. We have opened up our mini farm and have class in our “backyard”. Our backyard is all outdoors and under the trees.

What makes your goat yoga class different from others?

When we decided to start Goat Yoga here in the Charleston area back in 2018, we did a lot of research and months of planning. Goats are just cute and curious naturally. And when they are raised to be friendly, they are perfect for this type of activity! Our goats ars some of the friendliest you will ever meet! And when we incorporate that with a full yoga class, you can have a workout while you’re being distracted by their silliness! But most of all what makes us different is being in a beautiful environment so you can de-stress and enjoy. Smiling on the inside and out! So although we are on a small-scale farm, we think you will get more out of our class than most others.

What are the goat’s names?

We have 6 goats currently, Wisteria, is the oldest born in 2017, Camellia was born March 2019, and we have 2 sister goats born in July 2019, Zinnia & Jasmine! And our newest addition is Wisteria’s daughter, Lily, born March 2020 and Lily’s daughter Sunflower, born April 2022. We have baby goats born every year in the Spring, and somtimes the Fall. Follow us on social media for the latest updates on baby goats @flowertowncharm

Do I need to bring my own mat?

Yes please, bring your own OLD mat and/or a towel. The yoga class will be held on a grassy lawn, so there will be grass and dirt. The goats sometimes like to chew on mats! So please don’t bring a nice one! We do have a couple of extra mats if you don’t have one.

Do I have to participate in the yoga class or can I just play with the goats?

This is a very casual class, meant to de-stress and provide a fun & playful yoga practice. We hope you do try some poses, however, you can just sit on your mat and snuggle goats too…We also do “goat snuggle sessions” on Airbnb Experiences if that is more up your alley! 

Is there a bathroom?


What is the age requirement?

We require all participants to be age 10 and older, and all participants must purchase a ticket. We do host “goat snuggle sessions” that is basiclly the same thing minus the yoga part that is more kid friendly. You can book that with us on AirBnb Experiences at

Can my friends and family come?

Yes if they purchase a ticket and are 10 years and older. We do not allow folks to just come and watch. If you have a young one that would like to meet the goats we also host with Airbnb to come stay at our historic farmhouse, so come and stay with us! We also offer farm tour visits on Airnb experiences, which is great for kids! We do not allow drop-ins for this class, as we have a limited class size.

What breeds of goats do you have?

We have Nigerian Dwarf Goats.Which are some the smallest goats you can have. Under 50lbs full grown.

Do you have other animals on the mini-farm?

YES! We have chickens, barn cats, a giant tortoise, Moonshine the mini-cow, and dogs! We bring one of our dogs, Winter, to class, the rest stay inside. We let the chickens roam during the class as well. The cats are always around. We also have bee hives on our mini-farm. They are behind a separate fenced area and should not bother the class.

Do your goats bite or headbutt?

Our goats do headbutt each other when playing and showing off. They like to nibble on clothes, hair, and fingers, so although it is cute, just pull away if you do not want a haircut! Also, their back teeth are very sharp, so please do not allow them to nibble too deep on your fingers! OUCH!

Will there be poop?

YES! But goats poops are very small “berry” like pellets that don’t smoosh, are odorless, and you can simply shake it away off your mat into the grass. It also makes great manure if you would like to bring a bag and take some home with you, completely complimentary! We clean up the yard right before class, but there will be poop during class, sh*t happens y’all! 😉 This is a farm.

Will there be hand sanitizer?


Are there any baby goats?

Our next kidding season will be Fall 2022.

Will there be alcohol? 

We cannot provide alcohol at this time. However, you can bring your own to enjoy after class during goat happy hour! We suggest something light; beer, wine, champagne. Please note containers must be unopened when arriving and leaving the property on the little walk to and from your vehicle.

What if it is a rainy or stormy day?

We will most likely reschedule the class as goats HATE the rain!

Do you sell any goods from your mini-farm?

Yes! We sell farm fresh eggs, goats milk soaps, honey, soy candles, goat greeting cards, and other home & gift items we sell here at Flowertown Charm. Also visit our Etsy shop at

Are there refunds?

No, we do not issue refunds, but can reschedule, unless the class is canceled due to the weather.

Anything else I should know?

If you are allergic to bees, please bring an Epi-pen or allergy medicine with you, just in case. We have never had a guest get stung, but we would rather be safe than sorry! The bees are in a separate area, but we never know when one might come in the yard. 

I have more questions?

email us at

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